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Collection Coup de Crayon

Iris de Moüy + Nathalie du Pasquier + Johanna Tagada
First edition / 70€

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The Coup de Crayon collection presents the personal work of artists practising painting, drawing or collage. For 2019, Coup de Crayon invited Iris de Moüy, Nathalie du Pasquier and Johanna Tagada  to imagine a series as a book.

You may pre-order the first 3 books of the collection at a special price and receive them as they are released (pay shipping once and the two other books will ship for free):
Iris de Moüy (April 2019)
Nathalie du Pasquier (May 2019)
Johanna Tagada (September 2019)


Iris de Moüy (Horses Are Blue)
+ Nathalie du Pasquier (Andata-Ritorno)
+ Johanna Tagada (Do Insects Play?)

Specificites for each book:
68 Pages
17 x 22.5 cm